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Are you a player of minecraft? I assume yes becuase you found this awesome website, I also know that you want to get your free minecraft account now. These days, having a minecraft premium account is very important for minecraft gamer, having this premium account can maximize your game. So who the heck here is not playing minecraft? It’s very addictive, other people saying that the graphics are sucks but that’s the main reason why many of players getting addictive to it. Graphics is not just the reason to play the game, this minecarft has a unique gameplay and you can build an awesome customized map by your own. So let’s go to the main reason why you are here on our website.

How to Get a Free Minecraft Account

In this website, getting an minecraft account is so simple, you don’t need to download any minecraft premium account generator because all the minecraft account list are stored on our website database so that means you will get your minecraft free account instantly through website, in text format. All you just need to do is to copy paste the account that generated from our database and login it like we did on the tutorial video above.

Is Minecraft Premium Account List Safe?

This is definitely safe because we have a proxy features on every visitor that will generate their free minecraft account and password, so you are anonymous when generating an account. If you want to get your free minecraft premium account just get it now because we are not assuring how many minecraft premium accounts that our database can generate per day, yeah it has a limit per day so please maintain an 1 account per person per day so that other visitor can get their own too.